Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nov 2012 Card Kit Swap

The second month of the card kit swap is almost over. Susan provided the goodies for this month's swap. She challenged us to make the four cards and a scrapbook layout, even enticing us with more goodies if we completed the layout. Unfortunetly, I am not going to get a layout done because I am busy with too many other crafty projects. I did complete my four cards though!!

Here is a picture of the goodies Susan mailed us:
With her goodies I made these four cards:

Here is a closer look at each of them:

I like the tiny dots on the butterfly card and the red glitter glue eyes on the owl couple :) Now I need to get the packets together for the four of us for December since I am hosting that month...better get things in gear! Happy Crafting!!


scrapper al said...

Very nice! The Hi card is cheery and dramatic. I like how you used the lace on the different cards and the red dots on the love card are a nice touch.

Susan said...

great job on the cards!! love how you scattered the lace flowers on the first card but I still think the butterfly one is my favorite!