Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 2012 Card Kit Swap

Trying something new. A crafty friend of mine recommended I participate in a card kit swap. Now I was thinking we would just swap cards with eachother, but turns out we are doing more of a card material swap...and I like it!! Each of the four participants is a "hostess" for a month, meaning they mail an envelope to the other three participants containing enough card materials to make 3-4 cards. The interesting thing is what creations we will make using our own craft stash and the goodies from the monthly swap. Below is a picture of the Oct 2012 card material:

With these goodies I made these three cards:

Trying to show the shimmer spray on the leaf...

I think these owls are super cute & needed glitter too :)

Can't wait to see what the other three ladies make with their card material...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting a little organized

Katie and I figured that since we were launching the blog and crafting more, that we need a better system to organize our Cricut carts. The carts all live at Katie Sr.'s house and I have the gypsy. We live close by and that makes it is easy to run back and forth. 

We found the Art Bin Cricut Cart organizer at Beverly's (Joanne's has them and I am pretty sure that Micheal's does as well).  Originally the carts were divided up by who owned them (Katie Sr. in one and Katie Jr. in another).  We did initial them, but it was had to find carts that way. 

Here is a picture of an empty Art Bin...carts not included with purchase of Art Bin :(  

So on Saturday, after coffee and donuts, we got to work. We alphabetized ALL of the carts ( see picture below),

  Before (kind of) 

Made a master list, a wish list, a bin list and numbered the bins .

Now when Katie Sr. pulls out a bin,  she know what carts are in there (and makes it easier to find when I need them).

 Of course when we buy more carts we have to move things around, but this works for us. Thank you for stopping by.~~Katie Jr.